Celeste the Gambler

Celeste deals a mean hand of poker! Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Set collaboration: Sandra Keet.

Celeste with a Gingham Bikini

Celeste travels in time to the 1960’s with this Bridgette Bardot-style gingham bikini. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Set Collaboration: Sandra Keet.

Ivy in Pink

Found this exquisite pink corset at an antique store in Orange. Model: Ivy Rose. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Enola – Painted Looks

Claire showcased her fine art skills with Enola. Model: Enola. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Jewels: Painted

Some creative looks painted by Claire. Model: Jewels. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Portraits of Enola

Perhaps my favorite of all photography genres: portraits. This is especially fun with a great subject like Enola. Model: Enola. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Ivy the Galactic Space Hero

Sandra built this awesome ray gun from found objects (with a special thanks to Fraser MacLean). Ivy is imagined on an alien world, ready to face down any beast. The shoot is an homage to ...

Jewels: Summer Nudes

Set of nudes built on the “summer dress” theme. With summer now in full swing Jewels was proud of her tan. Model: Jewels. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Set collaboration: Sandra Keet.

Jewels at a Table Drinking Tea

Jewels sits down for a cup of tea and a snack. Set in collaboration with Sandra. Model: Jewels. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Jewels: The Black Top

Jewels picked out a fun black outfit for this set. Model: Jewels. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Jewels: Summer Dress

A light summer theme. Model: Jewels. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Enola – Letters from a Dear friend

Enola enjoys a moment reading correspondence from a dear friend. Model: Enola. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Celeste: Old Store Nudes

A continuation of the old store theme. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Celeste: The Old Store

Three things inspired this old store shoot. Sandra and I found a museum somewhere in Arizona set up like an old store, full of boxes and cans of products from generations ago. And, by luck, ...

Enola – Western

This Western-themed set centers around a dress Sandra and I found while wandering around desert towns, and brought to life by the wonderful Enola. Model: Enola. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Brooke: Bodyscapes – 1

The lighting setups for these are very simple, two lights on either side and behind the model. The shots at the end are somewhat different — I used RGB LED lights, nifty lights that allow ...

Jessica: Print Dress

Jessica in a beautiful vintage print dress. Set: Sandra Keet. Model: Jessica Lynette Brooks. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Brooke: Digital Projector

Very simple setup using a digital projector and an LED light panel. Model: Brooke

Jessica: Low Key Nudes

Sandra and I found this golden dish, which inspired this shoot. Set: Sandra Keet. Model: Jessica Lynette Brooks. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Katerina: Exotic Locations

This series imagines Katerina in a variety of exotic locations: a Steampunk world, the desert, and a Sci-Fi universe. Model: Katerina. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Katerina: High Key Pinup

High key is direct, bright light with a bright background. In this case an added hint of sepia and a burlesque corset creates this pin-up set. Model: Katerina: Make-up: Hana Christine.

Katerina: Nudes

An elegant set of nudes with Katerina. Model: Katerina. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Katerina in Gold

Sandra and I found this beautiful gold dress, with a Japanese-inspired pattern, almost two years ago. I finally found the right person to shoot with it, Katerina. Model: Katerina. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Dapper Olivia

Dapper Olivia with a 1920’s Stetson, bow tie and cane. Model: Olivia Northstar. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia on Fire

Olivia in flames. Model: Olivia Northstar. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia in Hollywood

This look is inspired by classic 40’s Hollywood glamor lighting. Model: Olivia Northstar. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia: Nudes

Simple nudes using the Fit ‘n’ Flare set. Model: Olivia Northstar. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia: Fit ‘n’ Flare

Olivia models a “Fit ‘n’ Flare” Navy Blue Tulle dress from the 1940’s. This would have been layered on other clothing. The painting is an original oil painting liberated from a thrift store. Although the ...

Ivy Rose: Portraits

Casual portrait set with Ivy Rose. Model: Ivy Rose. Make-up: Hana Christine.


Various sets of a casual shoot with Brianna. Model: Brianna.

Ivy by Candlelight

Ivy bathed in warm candlelight. Model: Ivy Rose. Make-up: Hana Christine. Set help: Sandra Keet.

Ivy on Guard

It took a long time to finally complete collecting this authentic Coast Guard uniform, complete with dress jacket and cap. Although the uniform is vintage, it hasn’t changed really in decades. Don’t be afraid of ...

Leola: Lighting Study

A single light above the model creates a dramatic, isolated feel. Model: Leola

Vanessa Portraits – Part 2

The follow-up to the portrait session with Vanessa.

Vanessa Portraits – Part 1

Very grateful that Vanessa agreed to sit for these lighting studies.

Ivy Rose in the Arrow Dress

Ivy tries a blue arrow dress. Sandra and I found this on our adventures together, and we both fell in love with it. Model: Ivy Rose. Make-up: Hana Christine.

el Día de los Muertos

The Mexican el Día de los Muertos, or “the Day of the Dead” is a colorful celebration of friends and family who have died. In this tradition, Narah and Sandra helped create these vibrant images. ...

Ivy Bodyscapes

Step away from color, and just show shadow and form. Model: Ivy Rose

Ivy in RGB

Experimental lighting; everyone who works with computer graphics is familiar with the idea that red, green and blue can combine to form any color. In honor of the ubiquitous pixel Ivy is presented in RGB. ...

Ivy by the Blue Window Light

Another two-toned experiment in light, this time with a hard light through a grid, and a red accent light. Sometimes the body is a canvas to paint light; here the straight lines of a grid ...

Simply Narah

Narah killing it in a beautiful dress. Model: Narah.

Ivy Rose: Twilight

Twilight colors inspired this graceful set with Ivy. The set started as an experiment in using complimentary colors, orange and indigo. Ivy’s poise combined with this simple and vibrant light setup made the images extraordinary. ...

Teresa on a Table

A very minimal setup: a $19 Ikea table and a white backdrop. With that, Teresa creates art! Model: Teresa Cisneros. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Narah in Candlelight

A portrait of Narah by candlelight. The lighting and mood draws inspiration from renaissance paintings, and brings out the natural glow in Narah. Model and make-up: Narah.

Veronica in Rose Petals

Veronica showered with rose petals. Model: Veronica LaVery. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Olivia the Hunter

Riding hat, a hunting horn and boots, and Olivia is off to the chase! Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Olivia: A Touch of Fantasy

Tiny gold flecks to add to her freckles, and a red crown with matching jewelry bring a touch of fantasy to this set of Olivia. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Makayla in Black Lingerie

Found this wonderful sheer black blouse, and wanted to try it with something lacy. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Makayla in Fog

I decided to try some portraits with a fog machine, and mix it up: some backlit and some different levels of fog. A couple of non-fog shots are included for comparison. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana ...

Eclipse Nude Chair Poses

Eclipse creates elegant shapes posing using a chair. Model: Eclipse Monday. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Nicole in Black

Claire conceived of this dramatic look. Nicole looks so different. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Nicole’s Blowout

Sandra and I found these funky overalls, and decided it would make a nice shoot. Hana amped up the set by giving Nicole a blowout. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up and hair: Hana Christine.

Nicole in the Ice Forest

Sandra conceived of the idea, and painted numerous branches white — a laborious effort. I experimented with lighting for this set; instead of using blue light for the background, I used orange light (opposite sides ...

Nicole in Hats

Simple and always fun, play with hats! Nicole hams it up, adding charm to each shot. The black Stetson dates from the 1920’s, but still has plenty of style. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

el Día de los Muertos Extras

As a follow-up to yesterday’s Day of the Dead set, here are some fun extras. Model/Make-up: Narah

Nicole the Waitress

A bit salty, Nicole takes your order! The waitress uniform is from the 50’s or 60’s, and never worn until Nicole put it on. An older set, this is a companion to the “Nicole Goes ...

Celeste: Nudes, and a few Outfits

Classic nudes with Celeste, but starts off with a couple of outfits found while out shopping at a mall. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Makayla Portraits and Nudes

Makayla’s striking red hair matched the red backdrop, and her delicate poses invoked a classic mood to this set of portraits and nudes. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Eclipse in a 40’s Silk Jacket

The silk jacket dates from the 1940’s, a time when Japanese-inspired design entered American culture during the American occupation of Japan. Model: Eclipse Monday. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Makayla in B&W

A short, simple B&W set of Makayla. The side-lighting captures form, and creates a moodiness. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana Christine

Eclipse on Snow

So Sandra produced a set of beautiful images starting with a bowl of vegan yogurt on a snowy background with flowers around. This inspired this set with Eclipse, in snow, with flowers around. It was ...

Makayla in a 60’s Catalina Swimsuit

Makayla brings to life a 60’s Catalina swimsuit (never before worn) Sandra and I found on our many adventures. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Nicole Nudes

Nicole poses extremely well, bringing elegance to this set of nudes. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Nicole the Lounge Singer

Vintage gold dress? check. Classic Shure microphone? check. Glamorous model? Check. Nicole channels a lounge singer. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Nicole the Alchemist

Nicole explores the dark arts of centuries past, dabbling in alchemy and a strange stew. Sandra helped a lot pulling this set together, it was fun to do. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Makayla Nudes

Makayla carries over the vintage hair and style into a set of nudes. Model: Makayla. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Narah and Shadows

Simple set, experiments in using a projector to create shadows on Narah. Model: Narah.

Makayla in a Blue Dress

Sandra and I are getting very good at finding vintage dresses. We were able to build a completely matching set — hat, dress, bracelet, earrings, necklace, handbag and even shoes around this powder blue dress. ...

Narah: Hard Light

Wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and try something opposite of what I normally do: use direct, harsh light in a very controlled way. This light is brutal, highlighting every imperfection in the ...

Narah Lighting Studies

Portrait and figure lighting studies with Narah. Model/make-up: Narah.

Narah in Color

Experiments in using a projector to project colored glass onto a model. Model: Narah.

Narah Noir

The gritty P.I. Narah investigates a murder report in this detective noir set. As an Easter egg, one of the items relates to a real-life murder, one of Sandra’s relatives. Sandra helped build this set. ...

Cally: Lighting Study

Simple black-and-white lighting study involving backlighting. Model: Cally. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Viktoria: Art Participation

Claire produced the original artwork for this set. Bright and cheerful, reminiscent of fire works, this seems like a great set to usher in the New Year. The set is longer than usual because the ...

Viktoria: Keeper of Time

Viktoria as the keeper of time. The dress and skirt Sandra and I found in Riverside as a combination, and dates from somewhere in the mid-1800’s. Full of little holes and delicate, I expected it ...

Viktoria: Christmas

Dressed in tinsel and energy, Viktoria shares the Christmas spirit! Model: VikTory. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Cally at Christmas

The second in this year’s Christmas series, Cally in classic Christmas colors. Model: Cally. Make-up: Claire Gonnella.

Jessamyne: Christmas

It took a long time between Sandra and I to suspend all of these balls above Jessamyne, but the whole thing shines. Model: Jessamyne. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Caroline the Android

Caroline bodypainted to something in between organic and metal. Model: Caroline Sullivan. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Projections: Viktoria

I used a projector with various cut out shapes (called “gobos”) to create the lighting. Viktoria’s elegant posing matched the shape and mood of the shadows, forming elegant patterns. Sandra provided the pedestal used for ...

Celeste Warmly Lit with Burlap

There is a rich play of warm light and shadow on Celeste; the light is cast through a piece of burlap from Home Depot. This is something I tried a year or two ago; those ...

Caroline in Pink

Caroline made the journey from San Diego, and for our first set modelled this stunning mid-century pink dress that I think was Sandra’s discovery. Model: Caroline Sullivan. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Celeste the Explorer

The wardrobe is especially noteworthy: the pants are World War I era British military issue, and the helmet is desert kit from about the 1930’s or 40’s. Celeste’s playful take on an explorer getting ready ...

Celeste Pin-up Part 2

Swapped the bow and the shirt for a boater’s hat, Celeste sparkles in this alternate pin-up look. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Celeste Pin-up Part 1

This pin-up is centered around 60’s red short with matching bow and sheer top. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Jessamyne in a Green Crochet Dress

Another vintage find, this time from Silver Lake in Los Angeles. Jessamyne, with her fiery contrasting hair, models. Model: Jessamyne. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Celeste, Nude in Red

Continuing the theme of the warm, red look Celeste glows in this set of nudes. Model: Celeste Rasmussen. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Amber and the Vintage Electronic Organ

The moment I saw this old electronic organ, I knew I had to shoot with it. Meanwhile Sandra found a copper wall hanging that complemented the warm look. Amber completed the scene. Model Amber Flowers. ...

Teresa in a Blue Dress

Blue became the theme as Teresa chose the vintage blue dress. During our thrift shopping Sandra discovered this large fan, and the blend of colors was perfect. Model: Teresa Cisneros. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Narah Nudes

Elegant nudes in a vintage set. Model: Narah.

Amber Flowers in Hats

I have some great reasons to love hats, especially vintage hats. So with Amber, a set of portraits with hats. Model: Amber Flowers. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Mysti in Blue Gauze

Sandra and I occasionally shop for ideas at a local swap meet, and our favorite Mexican clothier didn’t disappoint. We found this blue gauze material for the cost of $1/yard, and splurged for a whole ...

Caitlyn in Yellow

This vintage yellow dress used to be covered fully in black dots, but time and clumsy washing has taken many away. What remains is character. Model: Caitlyn Sway. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Alina, a Fantasy-Themed Nude

With a crown and a whimsical attitude, Alina evokes a fantasy theme. Towards the end I began experimenting with different and higher contrast lighting, the variation made for an interesting set. Model: Alina Lee. Make-up: ...

Alina, Hawaii-Style

This dance skirt is reminiscent of a hula grass skirt, and was fun to use in conjunction with purple gel lights. Model: Alina Lee. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Celeste in Red

Sandra takes a lot of the credit for the styling, she suggested we build a corner using a lightbox behind sheer red curtains. The dress is something we found on our travels, we don’t know ...

Alina Lee Potraits

This short set captures a facet of Alina’s character. She is an actress, and gives these portraits a moody feel. Model: Alina Lee. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Narah: Vintage Dress Suit

Narah modeled a beautiful mid-century skirt and jacket that Sandra and I found in our travels. Model: Narah.

Alina Nudes

Alina projects her character into her modeling, and this makes for a delightful set of nudes. Model: Alina Lee. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Alina in a Pink Dress

Sandra takes the credit for finding and refurbishing this old dress. Alina takes the credit for bringing it to life! Model: Alina Lee. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Alina Catalina Vintage Shoot

Alina captures the spirit of the 60’s in this two piece Catalina swimsuit. Although it is made in the 1960’s, and is about 50 years old, Sandra and I found it with the original sales ...

Narah Bodyscapes

Bodyscapes are simple to shoot, they require only the right kind of lighting. They are fun, there is a sense of discovery, finding art in the human form as you would find it with landscapes ...

Olivia Nudes

Simple high-key images of Olivia. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia’s Playful Skirt

Olivia with a whimsical white skirt. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Mysti Tomie Bodyscapes

Simple abstract images of the human form. Model: Mysti Tomie.

Cali: Vintage Nudes

Cali continued the 50’s make-up and look for some beautiful nudes. Model: Cali. Make-up: Hana Christine.

MaYa: 3 Looks

Local fashion designer MaYa collaborated on three different looks, two involving wonderful vintage dresses Sandra and I found. Model & make-up: MaYa.

Old French Postcards

In the early 1900’s in France a black market for scandalous postcards of nude women existed. Now of course these same postcards might be seem as charming, whimsical or even innocent. I didn’t want to ...

Amanda: Hats and Portraits

At the end of the shoot, it was time to have a little fun trying different hats to capture different portraits of Amanda. Model: Amanda Kelly. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Amanda in Chantilly Lace

Amanda shows a beautiful and delicate Chantilly lace dress. Model: Amanda Kelly. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Sarah Jain in a Western Theme

A hat and revolver complete this western theme. Model: Sarah Jain. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Cali: More 80’s Looks

We swapped out the 80’s jacket for a miniskirt, and we also tried a really fun mesh shirt Sandra and I found. Model: Cali. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Cali in the 80’s

Bright colored lights, fog, a stylish 80’s jacket and Cali! Model: Cali. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Cali: 1940’s Teal Dress

The fruit of a long hunt for Sandra and I, this vintage 1940’s teal dress is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Cali perfectly showcases it. Model: Cali. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia: Portraits and Nudes

This set was built around variations in lighting, and a fan to blow Olivia’s hair. Very simple, but very beautiful. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia in a Women’s Dickey

Dickeys are shirt fronts intended to make everyday or old shirts look fancy. Originally for men, they gained popularity for women. This dickey is probably 70 years old or so, and Olivia had a lot ...

Nicole: Limitless

Sandra wrote this poem for Nicole for this flower series: Limitless You are a bouquet A complete medley of wonder Capable of evoking euphoria Capable of inducing a restful slumber of bringing finality and yet ...

Nicole in an Old, Wet Dress

This sheer vintage dress was a great find, and seemed like something that would look good clingy. So we made the dress wet, and Nicole wet. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Viktoria as an Angel

A dancer and a beautiful pair of wings makes for a great set of images. Model: Vik tory. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Sarah Jain GoGo

Sandra and I found this actual GoGo outfit from the 60’s, and came up with this idea of circles to match the circle cuts in the outfit and boots. Sandra cut out over 50 circles, ...

Viktoria: Ballerina as Figure Skater

Sandra and I found this pink figure skating outfit, so we re-imagined Viktoria as a figure skater. Since this isn’t moving on ice, the shots of her balancing on a single blade of a skate ...

Viktoria: Nude Ballet Poses

Viktoria shares her years of practicing and training in this amazing set of ballet poses. The lighting and hand-painted canvas backdrop showcase her in sculptural detail, and capture the combination of grace and strength of ...

Ballerina@Home: Relaxing to the Radio

Viktoria relaxes to the radio; the point shoes off, she can relax. Model: VikTory. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Mariah Maternity

Those of you keeping score may have noticed that Mariah hasn’t been appearing much in shoots. The reason is simple: she is becoming a mother. I’ve never shot maternity, and probably never will again, but ...

Portraits of Veronica

Veronica shares a quiet moment with these simple glamor portraits. Model: Veronica LaVery. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Amber Flowers: Nudes

San Diego native Amber Flowers continues the vintage theme with a few nudes. Model: Amber Flowers. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Olivia in a Blue Mesh Dress

Olivia poses in a blue mesh dress. The mesh is interesting, because it provides strong definition for the shape of the body. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Crystal Nudes

Crystal, simple and elegant. Model: Crystal Wings. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Veronica: Blue Tulle

Very simple — blue tulle against a matching blue background, this set is about shine and color. Model: Veronica LaVery. Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Olivia Art Nudes

Using the same set as the Pink Dress series with Olivia, we did a few nudes to capture the soft light and colors. Model: Olivia North. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Nathalie Howl: Vintage Green

Sandra and I found this green dress hidden in a rack at a local antique mall; Nathalie was kind enough to model it for us. Model: Nathalie Howl. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Jasmine Elliott: Post-Apocolyptic Wonder Woman

Jasmine created this imaginative and fun re-imagining of Wonder Woman in a world in ruins. Model, make-up and costume: Jasmine Elliott.

Megan: Retro Orange Pants

Flair pants were all the rage in the 70’s, and this pair took that to the limit. These orange pants surprisingly make wonder shapes. Model: Megan Felix. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Olivia North: The Pink Dress

First Sandra and I found a nice pink hat, but then we found this stunning pink dress, so we  put together a set around it. I’m realizing just how much I love mid-century vintage, and ...

Olivia North’s Racing Stripe

Olivia is set for the track! After finding this wonderful mesh shirt, Sandra came up with the idea of painting a matching stripe down Olivia’s leg. She also convinced me to shoot on white, and ...

Rebecca with Black Stripes

At little more fantasy and whimsical, Rebecca is painted in black strips. Red is for Rebecca, as this is the second shoot I’ve used red gel (color) for the lights. Model: Rebecca Fae, make-up: Claire ...


A sample of work, highlights from shoots over the past two years.

Amanda’s Rainy Day Window

Amanda contemplating the rainy world outside. Model: Amanda Kelly. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Grateful for the assistance of Sandra.

Nicole: Mid-Century Gold Dress

Nicole channels decades past in a classic mid-century gold dress Sandra and I discovered on our adventures. Model: Nicole Stark. Make-up: Hana Christine.

Nicole: Retro Roller Skates

Nicole hams it up with a 70’s pair of rollerskates, and 70’s Sears shorts. The shorts were a great find — somehow they survived the past 40 years with the label on, never worn. Model: ...

Amanda Kelly: Elegance

Amanda Kelly poses for fine art nudes. Shooting with actors is great; Amanda creates a unique feeling in each shot with small changes in her expression. Model: Amanda Kelly, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Amanda: Salmon-Colored Dress

I’ve been hoarding this dress for the right model — found her! Actor and model Amanda Kelly captures the elegance of this retro dress. Sandra helped find the dress and put together the set. Model: ...

Viktoria: The Steampunk Traveler

Viktoria travels throughout the U.S. and the world on various projects; here she is imagined as a steampunk traveler. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Juliette in Purple Light

Juliette is bathed in purple light, surrounded by tulle. Model: Juliette Cecile, Make-up: Claire Gonella.

Nicole Picks a Tie

Nicole faces a dilemma many of us have faced when heading out on a formal occasion — which tie to wear? This is Sandra’s concept and styling, and features stylish retro pants. Model: Nicole Stark, ...

Nicole Stark: 1960’s Swimsuit

Nicole brings the 60’s to life with a beautiful one-piece swimsuit from that period. Model: Nicole Stark, make-up Hana Christine.

Crystal: Roaring 20’s

Crystal Wings models a dress from the 1920’s; the dress is shear and is actually intended as an overdress. Sandra and I found the antique dress while visiting Vancouver. The ancient material was literally tearing ...

Viktoria: Tansu Step Chest

Viktoria utilizes our antique Japanese Tansu Step-Chest to create elegant shapes. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Amber Flowers: Sheer Dress

Amber goes retro in a pink dress, and a beautiful vintage hat. Model: Amber Flowers, Make-up Claire Gonella.

Mariah: White Shoot Mermaid Look

White pearls and shells complete the mermaid look, the second half of the White Shoot. Mariah herself provided much of the vision for the shoot. Model and styling: Mariah Feuerhelm, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Anika Wilmore Portraits

At the end of the shoot, we did a few simple, elegant nudes. Model: Anika Wilmore, make-up Claire Gonella.

Anika in the Attic

Anika explores an attic. Sandra helped with the styling for this shot. Model: Anika Wilmore, make-up Claire Gonella.

Anika: More 70’s

Anika continues the retro 70’s theme with a purple shirt and bikini bottoms. Model: Anika Wilmore, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Anika: 70’s Dress

I had this 70’s dress for a while, but not the perfect model for it — until Anika! Sandra helped create the set, featuring colorful tissue paper flowers. The color and Anika’s energy channel that ...

Viktoria: The Hat Garden

Whimsy, and an obsession with hats, inspired “The Hat Garden”. Sandra made the hat trees, then decorated with vintage hats. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella, concept/styling: Sandra Keet.

Rebecca: The Green Fairy

Rebecca is a fantasy creature of the woods, at home in her forest habitat. Rebecca had a lot of fun with this — she declined to have the body-paint removed when she left. Make-up/bodypaint: Claire ...

Mariah: Wedding Dress

Part 1 of the “White Shoot”, Mariah brought her wedding dress as an elegant centerpiece for the first set. Model: Mariah Feuerhelm, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Rebecca: Short Poems

Short phrases from poems by T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, Jane Austen and Sandra Keet. The series is short, but the poetry beautiful. Concept: Sandra Keet, model: Rebecca Fae and make-up Claire Gonella.

Dylan Rose Yorke: Bodyscapes

Bodyscapes capture the more abstract shapes and contours of the human body, at times even resembling landscapes. These beautiful images are simple and fun to do, and Dylan was constantly amazed to see these shapes ...

Dylan Rose Yorke: Bodypaint Armor

Dylan donned armor made of paint, and wandered into the world of fantasy! At the end of the set there are a few taken prior to the bodypaint being applied. Model: Dylan Rose York. Bodypaint ...

Nicole Goes to a Diner

Nicole Stark as a 50’s Diner patron. Sandra and I spent a lot of time planning this shoot — we had to find all the stuff! Special thanks to Sandra for her help. Nicole just ...

Viktoria: The Blue Dress

Sandra and I found this 50’s blue dress. I didn’t think it would move well because the material is think and heavy — I was wrong! Viktoria brought the dress to life, making the whole ...

Megan Felix in Brown

A beautiful sheer lace gown we found, with a matching bolero-style jacket, formed the centerpiece of this set with model Megan Felix. Make-up Hana Christine.

Crystal in Tulle

Model: Crystal Wings. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Simple set with tulle.

Veronica: 50’s-Style Pinup

Model: Veronica LaVery, make-up: Claire Gonella. Veronica’s fun posing captured the classic 50’s pinup’s clean, innocent and playful style. The only ingredients needed: a (real) navy cap and themed bottoms.

Viktoria: Art Poses

It was the end of a day of shooting, and we had an extra 1/2 hour. So I put up a tapestry I have, and a rug. Despite the improvised nature of this set, a ...

Viktoria: Antique Dress

Model: VikTory, make-up Claire Gonella. Sandra and I found this beautifully laced antique dress from around 1910 (the seaming and clasps are consistent with that time). Viktoria took great care with the delicate material; it ...

Portraits of Viktoria

Black and white portraits, and more. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella.


Model: VikTory, Make-up: Claire Gonella. What does a ballerina do at home? One imagines fairly mundane things, like ironing or chatting on the phone. This daring series finds out. Sandra helped put together the concept, ...

Sarah: Two Swimsuits

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. For the last in the series with French actress Sarah, two modern swimsuits. The second wet look was inspired by a Robert Palmer video.

Sarah: Red Velvet and Vintage Swimsuit

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. Sarah captures the essence of the 60’s with a red velvet miniskirt outfit, and a beautiful vintage swimsuit.

Viktoria: Victorian Bolero Jacket

The jacket dates from the 1890’s, and considering its age held together well. I had no other matching wardrobe, but Viktoria really wanted to shoot with it, so that is how this set came to ...

Nicole: Antique Lace Shawl, Hats

Model: Nicole Stark, make-up Claire Gonella. The shawl is from the 1890’s, and literally disintegrated as Nicole modeled it. The shawl was beautiful though. And, of course, hats.

Victorian Viktoria

Model: VikTory Model, make-up Claire Gonella. Bloomers, Victorian themed jacket — what could be more fun?

Sarah: Mid-Century

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. Sandra and I found mid-century dresses at a tiny used-item store in the middle of the desert. The first is a designer sample from the 50’s; we don’t know if ...

Sarafin: Emerging

Model: Sarafin, make-up Claire Gonella.

Experiments with Bodystockings: Rebecca and Lena

An experiment with form and color. Models Lena Nicole and Rebecca Fae bring shape to bodystockings colored with gels (colored cellophane) over the studio lights.

Sarafin: Hats, Shawls and More!

Sarafin with hats — I’ve discovered a secret love of hats and shawls, in particular vintage and antique styling. Sandra also found this incredible body stocking that flows nicely. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Juliette: Lavender Dress & Portraits

French model Juliette Cecile in the soft color of lavender. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Nicole: Renaissance Cosplay

Model: Nicole Stark, make-up: Claire Gonnella. Sandra found this beautiful Renaissance-looking dress, and Nicole brought it to life.

Viktoria Goes Golfing

Model: VikTory. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Found these wonderful vintage velvet short pants, and suggested golf!

Viktoria: Island Night

Model: VikTory Model, make-up: Claire Gonella. Viktoria lights up as evening falls, dancing in a grass skirt. The live orchids that made up the lei had a sweet floral scent.

Mariah: That 70’s Shoot!

Teamed up with Mariah Feuerhelm as model, Claire Gonella for make-up and with a lot of help from Sandra for a 70’s themed shoot. Sandra and I found a bunch of old 70’s clothing, including a ...

Jasmine Elliott: Steampunk Bodypainting

Model and make-up: Jasmine Elliott, and bodypainting by Land o.

Sarafin – Fine Art Nudes

A French tapestry and a few antique pieces complete this set featuring Sarafin. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Nicole: Intimate Portraits and Some Feathers

Portraits of Nicole Stark, and a fantasy set involving a feathered skirt.

Nicole in Spring

Nicole Stark in spring. Make-up Claire Gonella.

24K Nicole

Nicole Stark, an actor and model, decorated in 24K gold leaf. Makeup: Claire Gonella.

Amber with Wings

In this short set, Amber is depicted as an angel. The goal was to use a simple blue color to provide variation and gradients across both feathers and features.

Mariah – Pretty Dresses

Mariah looking great in four different dresses. I find great dresses at thrift stores, flea markets, clearance sales, and sometimes brand new — and now have more dresses (easily) than Sandra, my wife.


A shoot with Ariel; the series covers a variety of moods by varying lighting, poses, props and sets.

2 of Hearts – Part 2

The second of the Two of Hearts is a little sad and very shy. She tries to play along when she has to, and keep to herself otherwise. And jealously watches…

Bodyscapes – Rebecca

The human form can take on abstract shapes, reminiscent of landscapes or architecture.

2 of Hearts – Part 1

Lively, outgoing, and perhaps a little needy, this first of the 2 of Hearts welcomes you to her enclave.

Viktoria Ballet – Part 1

A world class ballerina draws from her training to form elegant, timeless poses.

Viktoria Ballet – Part 2

Subtle sidelight captures the definition of Viktoria.

Mariah: Purple Invasion

Imagine a young woman falling into a world of purple. Will it consume her, or will she consume it?

Rebecca in Red

Everyone has a favorite color; Rebecca’s is red. Up until this shoot, I did not use colored gels much. After this shoot, I was convinced that gels are a core tool for photographer.

Maria Gerber: A Casual Shoot

Just a casual shoot with Maria, a local University student.

Irene at the Beach

Sandra and I met Irene at Laguna Beach; despite the heavy clouds, rain and inclement weather we went ahead with the shoot.

Jasmine: Anti-Fashion

Every hate your clothes? Ever want to fight back?

Mariah Feuerhelm

Portraits of Mariah Feuerhelm

Jasmine Elliott: B&W Nudes

Classical poses in black-and-white from a fitness model.