Personal Photography of Paul Keet

Art for the love of art.

Viktoria: The Hat Garden

Whimsy, and an obsession with hats, inspired “The Hat Garden”. Sandra made the hat trees, then decorated with vintage hats. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella, concept/styling: Sandra Keet.

Rebecca: The Green Fairy

Rebecca is a fantasy creature of the woods, at home in her forest habitat. Rebecca had a lot of fun with this — she declined to have the body-paint removed when she left. Make-up/bodypaint: Claire ...

Mariah: Wedding Dress

Part 1 of the “White Shoot”, Mariah brought her wedding dress as an elegant centerpiece for the first set. Model: Mariah Feuerhelm, make-up: Claire Gonella.

Rebecca: Short Poems

Short phrases from poems by T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, Jane Austen and Sandra Keet. The series is short, but the poetry beautiful. Concept: Sandra Keet, model: Rebecca Fae and make-up Claire Gonella.

Dylan Rose Yorke: Bodyscapes

Bodyscapes capture the more abstract shapes and contours of the human body, at times even resembling landscapes. These beautiful images are simple and fun to do, and Dylan was constantly amazed to see these shapes ...

Dylan Rose Yorke: Bodypaint Armor

Dylan donned armor made of paint, and wandered into the world of fantasy! At the end of the set there are a few taken prior to the bodypaint being applied. Model: Dylan Rose York. Bodypaint ...

Nicole Goes to a Diner

Nicole Stark as a 50’s Diner patron. Sandra and I spent a lot of time planning this shoot — we had to find all the stuff! Special thanks to Sandra for her help. Nicole just ...

Viktoria: The Blue Dress

Sandra and I found this 50’s blue dress. I didn’t think it would move well because the material is think and heavy — I was wrong! Viktoria brought the dress to life, making the whole ...

M. Felix: Brown

A beautiful sheer lace gown we found, with a matching bolero-style jacket, formed the centerpiece of this set with model M. Felix. Make-up Hana Christine.

Crystal in Tulle

Model: Crystal Wings. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Simple set with tulle.

Veronica: 50’s-Style Pinup

Model: Veronica LaVery, make-up: Claire Gonella. Veronica’s fun posing captured the classic 50’s pinup’s clean, innocent and playful style. The only ingredients needed: a (real) navy cap and themed bottoms.

Viktoria: Art Poses

It was the end of a day of shooting, and we had an extra 1/2 hour. So I put up a tapestry I have, and a rug. Despite the improvised nature of this set, a ...

Viktoria: Antique Dress

Model: VikTory, make-up Claire Gonella. Sandra and I found this beautifully laced antique dress from around 1910 (the seaming and clasps are consistent with that time). Viktoria took great care with the delicate material; it ...

Portraits of Viktoria

Black and white portraits, and more. Model: VikTory, make-up: Claire Gonella.


Model: VikTory, Make-up: Claire Gonella. What does a ballerina do at home? One imagines fairly mundane things, like ironing or chatting on the phone. This daring series finds out. Sandra helped put together the concept, ...

Sarah: Two Swimsuits

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. For the last in the series with French actress Sarah, two modern swimsuits. The second wet look was inspired by a Robert Palmer video.

Sarah: Red Velvet and Vintage Swimsuit

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. Sarah captures the essence of the 60’s with a red velvet miniskirt outfit, and a beautiful vintage swimsuit.

Viktoria: Victorian Bolero Jacket

The jacket dates from the 1890’s, and considering its age held together well. I had no other matching wardrobe, but Viktoria really wanted to shoot with it, so that is how this set came to ...

Nicole: Antique Lace Shawl, Hats

Model: Nicole Stark, make-up Claire Gonella. The shawl is from the 1890’s, and literally disintegrated as Nicole modeled it. The shawl was beautiful though. And, of course, hats.

Victorian Viktoria

Model: VikTory Model, make-up Claire Gonella. Bloomers, Victorian themed jacket — what could be more fun?

Sarah: Mid-Century

Model: Sarah Bonrepaux, make-up: Claire Gonella. Sandra and I found mid-century dresses at a tiny used-item store in the middle of the desert. The first is a designer sample from the 50’s; we don’t know if ...

Sarafin: Emerging

Model: Sarafin, make-up Claire Gonella.

Experiments with Bodystockings: Rebecca and Lena

An experiment with form and color. Models Lena Nicole and Rebecca Fae bring shape to bodystockings colored with gels (colored cellophane) over the studio lights.

Sarafin: Hats, Shawls and More!

Sarafin with hats — I’ve discovered a secret love of hats and shawls, in particular vintage and antique styling. Sandra also found this incredible body stocking that flows nicely. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Juliette: Lavender Dress & Portraits

French model Juliette Cecile in the soft color of lavender. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Nicole: Renaissance Cosplay

Model: Nicole Stark, make-up: Claire Gonnella. Sandra found this beautiful Renaissance-looking dress, and Nicole brought it to life.

Viktoria Goes Golfing

Model: VikTory. Make-up: Claire Gonella. Found these wonderful vintage velvet short pants, and suggested golf!

Viktoria: Island Night

Model: VikTory Model, make-up: Claire Gonella. Viktoria lights up as evening falls, dancing in a grass skirt. The live orchids that made up the lei had a sweet floral scent.

Mariah: That 70’s Shoot!

Teamed up with Mariah Feuerhelm as model, Claire Gonella for make-up and with a lot of help from Sandra for a 70’s themed shoot. Sandra and I found a bunch of old 70’s clothing, including a ...

Jasmine Elliott: Steampunk Bodypainting

Model and make-up: Jasmine Elliott, and bodypainting by Land o.

Sarafin – Fine Art Nudes

A French tapestry and a few antique pieces complete this set featuring Sarafin. Make-up by Claire Gonella.

Nicole: Intimate Portraits and Some Feathers

Portraits of Nicole Stark, and a fantasy set involving a feathered skirt.

Nicole in Spring

Nicole Stark in spring. Make-up Claire Gonella.

24K Nicole

Nicole Stark, an actor and model, decorated in 24K gold leaf. Makeup: Claire Gonella.

Amber with Wings

In this short set, Amber is depicted as an angel. The goal was to use a simple blue color to provide variation and gradients across both feathers and features.

Mariah – Pretty Dresses

Mariah looking great in four different dresses. I find great dresses at thrift stores, flea markets, clearance sales, and sometimes brand new — and now have more dresses (easily) than Sandra, my wife.


A shoot with Ariel; the series covers a variety of moods by varying lighting, poses, props and sets.

2 of Hearts – Part 2

The second of the Two of Hearts is a little sad and very shy. She tries to play along when she has to, and keep to herself otherwise. And jealously watches…

Bodyscapes – Rebecca

The human form can take on abstract shapes, reminiscent of landscapes or architecture.

2 of Hearts – Part 1

Lively, outgoing, and perhaps a little needy, this first of the 2 of Hearts welcomes you to her enclave.

Viktoria Ballet – Part 1

A world class ballerina draws from her training to form elegant, timeless poses.

Viktoria Ballet – Part 2

Subtle sidelight captures the definition of Viktoria.

Mariah: Purple Invasion

Imagine a young woman falling into a world of purple. Will it consume her, or will she consume it?

O.C. Great Park Legacy Project

The Orange County Great Park’s land includes a former marine air base. Some of the builds are in active use, but mostly the runway and landscape have been turned over to nature. Eventually the area ...

Rebecca in Red

Everyone has a favorite color; Rebecca’s is red. Up until this shoot, I did not use colored gels much. After this shoot, I was convinced that gels are a core tool for photographer.

Maria Gerber: A Casual Shoot

Just a casual shoot with Maria, a local University student.

Natalie Watson

Los Angeles-based model Natalie Watson has kept busy on fashion runways, TV shows, print catalogs and most recently on a Super Bowl ad. With Natalie, I was able to try some very different types of ...

Los Angeles

Postcards from the City of Angels.

Irene at the Beach

Sandra and I met Irene at Laguna Beach; despite the heavy clouds, rain and inclement weather we went ahead with the shoot.

Jasmine: Anti-Fashion

Every hate your clothes? Ever want to fight back?

Mariah Feuerhelm

Portraits of Mariah Feuerhelm


Birds found in Southern California.

Jasmine Elliott: B&W Nudes

Classical poses in black-and-white from a fitness model.


Flowers from gardens around Southern California. Many were shot in the Huntington Library.


The desert in Southern California is as alive as any forest, although that life is harder. Also there are a lot of abandoned houses and ranches.

Street Photography

Street photography in Los Angeles.